Saurabh's writings

2mo ago

Stage Play • Hindi • Rang-E-Nasha |...

What influence us more - power, money, situations, what else?

1 year ago

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Memories from Ganesh Puja and a Miraculous Surprise 🙏

1 year ago

Pacchattar । पछत्तर

A poem on India's 75th independence day

2y ago

You & Me!

Let the love brew a little...allow yourself to fall and learn how to handle...

2y ago

Zindagi Do Pyaza | ज़िंदगी दो-प्याज़ा

Recipe of Life... A poem that takes various ingredients that life has to offer

2y ago

Worship Wisdom

Wondering why we do what we do...

2y ago

Parchhai | परछाईं

A story when a Bird and the Sun are fighting over Shadow...

2y ago

It’s True…

Does time has different flavors, colors and moods... Is it really true?

2y ago

Dariya | दरिया

इस वक़्त के दरिया में, जीवन इक कश्ती हैं...

2y ago

Manthan | मन्थन

A poem about the pandemic situation the entire world is currently in the midst...

2y ago

गुरु-वंदना ॰ Guru Vandana

A poem dedicated to our gurus to thank them for their blessings, insights, and...