Ahana's writings

10mo ago

Anonymity is Comforting

It is easier to open up to strangers #Thewritechoice

10mo ago

Are Doctors Always Hankering After Money?

Hear all about a doctor's life from a daughter's perspective.

10mo ago

The Shiva Fiasco

A fun anecdote from my life.

11mo ago

Bhakti is Contagious.

And how my family played a role in it

11mo ago

The Calling.

My recent visit to an ancient temple

12mo ago

A Heartfelt Thank You Note

My os.me journey so far

1 year ago

“Akaal Bodhan”

A story from Indian Mythology.

1 year ago

“Give me blood and I’ll give you...

An ode to my favourite freedom fighter.

1 year ago


Or it's lack thereof.