6mo ago

Devi Chandraghanta – The Most Soothing Form...

Devi Chandraghnata & my experience

6mo ago

What Does It Mean to Spot Owls...

Spotted multiple owls multiple times when I started Devi sadhna.

10mo ago

A struggling civilization

Regarding today's post by Swamiji

1 year ago

Guru Ke Tap Ka Pratap.

Posting my Gratefulness towards Gurudev.

1 year ago

O Narayana, You Call Yourself Savior of...

These are the words of Sant Kanhopatra , a pious women who was forced...

1 year ago

Maa Lalitambika

Maha Tripura Sundari - Rajrajeshwari

1 year ago

Rudrashtakam, a Stuti to Bhagwan Shiv ,...

This Stuti will be available on iTunes, spotify and 150+ music stores by 1st...

1 year ago

Plays of Shiva & Shakti

My own experience with the Lord of Innocents , Bhagwan Aashutosh.

1 year ago

Shri Suktam has 53 Hidden Mantras

Here are the accurate, errorless 53 Mantras of Shri Suktam taken from Luxmi Tantra