Rajeet's writings

5mo ago

How To Work Smarter, Not Harder

Get more work in done in less time while expending less energy

6mo ago

Why You Click More on Negatively Titled...

How your natural negativity bias skews your attention

6mo ago

7 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

Simple ways to be happier and help define what happiness means to you

7mo ago

How to Make an Amazing First Impression

It takes mere seconds for someone to make their mind up about you

7mo ago

The Importance of Understanding Your Chronotype

Discovering your sleep chronotype is essential to your success, and your health

7mo ago

Easy Ways to Feel Better

Feeling low? Use these 6 science-backed methods to lift your mood

10mo ago

The Two Sides of Happiness

And how combining them will help you find yours

10mo ago

What My Dad’s Death Taught Me About...

Mainly that loss is an inevitable part of it

10mo ago

Not Everyone’s Going to Like You, but...

You don’t like every single person you meet do you

11mo ago

The Encounter with a Homeless Person that...

We are born knowing compassion, but somewhere along the way we forget it makes...

11mo ago

What (or Who) Actually is God?

Does the big man upstairs exist