Rajesh Kumar's Writings

Mosquitos and Negative People

How to deal with negative people.

Indigestion? Vajrasana, Chewing, Meditation

Three things that can solve most of your tummy problems instantly

The one thing that is most important...

What the worlds longest running study tells about longevity.

How to make the best use of...

Reading methods and digital apps to enhance your learnings.

Who stole my happiness?

Not your mother-in-law but your gut bacteria

How to Invest in Gold

After reading this blog you will never worry about high gold prices.

Cheer for Vidit Gujarathi and India

Vidit is promoting our Black lotus app in world forum 😍


A fable on the creation of life on Earth.

3 Maha Gunas

3 Gunas and it's 3 important principles

Vishwaroopa Darshan

A different perspective, on Vishwaroopa Darshan.

Eating food and Doing Yagna

Similarities between Eating Food and doing a Yagna.

Meditation is Evil

How Meditation made me an Evil. 😁