Sagar's writings

2mo ago

Dealing with Negative Thoughts

Ways to improve focus and productivity

2mo ago

Clinical Depression

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

3mo ago


What it is and how it works

3mo ago

12 Sessions of Psychotherapy: How It Helped

My experience with seeking counselling and how it helped me get back on track

7mo ago


Not wanting anything anymore.

1 year ago

The Arrogant Sweeper

Do we grow up as we age?

1 year ago

The End of Knowledge

What do you know for certain?

1 year ago

20000 Pushups and Squats Later

How I stay fit with 25 minutes of workout

1 year ago

10 Minutes of Meditation, 7 Hours of...

My experiment with meditating before bed

1 year ago

Being a better student

The journey from beginner to expert

2y ago

A life-changing moment

Can your entire life change in one moment?

2y ago

The Day I Accepted My Death

Letting go of our stories about death