Living in the present

There is no greater joy

Inner Stillness Brings Transformation

...Until then we are just seeds

The downside of seeking possessions

It hides our real wealth

What Does it Take to enter the present

All are equipped

The mind is the womb of transcendence

It can hide or reflect our inner reality

How to enhance our experience of the present

Life is happening now

The value of being aware

It removes our limitations

Overcoming difficulties in life

Perspective makes the difference

Avoiding conflict between the present and the future

Living consciously in the moment

The four pillars of the mind.

Desires, dreams, hopes, fears.

What we miss in the pursuit of a goal.

The essence of life where happiness resides.

The mind is not a hurdle but a bridge to our true nature.

Speaking from the 'other shore.'

How to move towards a worry-free state

It is in our hands.


A poem