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A Marriage Story

The good, the bad and the good-looking 🙂

The Wiles of the Feminine

How (not) to attract the opposite sex

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Nature’s Play – 9

Boundaries, bathrooms and Brene Brown 🙂

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Love, Love, Love

The piece of writing which brought me to my knees

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The Father Wound…

...and the ongoing healing

  Posted 2y ago

COVID-19: Death, Devastation and Values in Life

What do you stand for?

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Hey There Bhagvan,

You are a thousand miles away but tonight You look so perfect.

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Highway – 3

For I can't help falling in Love with You...

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My Truth – 5: Transgendered

Insert words here — the real story is inside 🙂

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My Truth – 4: The Beginnings of...

As the sleepy unicorn begins to drift off...

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My Truth — 3: The Pleasures of...

Is a tagline really necessary? 🙂

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Highway – 2

It's all love because it's the only thing that makes the world go round...

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Highway – 1

Before the beginning, there came a whole story

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My Truth: 2

The mind that nearly convinced me to stop writing met Ma today 🙂

  Posted 2y ago

Nature’s Play – 8

Part 3: The Conclusion 🙂