Divya Om's Writings

Highway – 1

Before the beginning, there came a whole story

My Truth: 2

The mind that nearly convinced me to stop writing met Ma today 🙂

Nature’s Play – 8

Part 3: The Conclusion 🙂

Nature’s Play – 7

Continued from Part 6. Men, menses and moods 🙂

Nature’s Play – 6

Part 6 of the ashram series. From children to construction - Bhagvan's powerful lesson...

My Truth: 1

Keep reading to find out 🙂

Nature’s Play – 5

Part 5 in an ongoing series. The day the Divine made it snow 🙂

Nature’s Play – 4

How a terrifying spider cured me of MSR - Messy Room Syndrome 🙂

Apple Bonanza: Nature’s Play 3

How the humble apple became my first brush with Bhagvan's Leela

Nature’s Play – 2

Part 2 in an ongoing series. This was how I began the inexplicable journey...

Nature’s Play – 1

This is how Nature worked its magic when I got out of my own...

Beats From The Past

Do we wait for someone else to come along or simply discover our magnificence...