Prarthi's writings

4d ago


How getting fired made me realize the importance of 'zero'.

2w ago

The Phantom Fat Syndrome

When my mind refused to accept my body's weight loss.

2w ago

The Giving Tree

Parents grow more child-like as they grow older

3w ago

The Struggle Is Real.

A novice at meditation, a pro at struggle.

4w ago

The Old, Limp Dog.

Importance of boundaries in real life.

1mo ago

The Bhajan

How a Guru's love knows no distance

1mo ago

Love 2037

A story of love, loss, and longing.

1w ago

The Name is Enough.

A true story of how Shri Krishna answered a young girl's silent plea for...

2mo ago

The Divine Help!

A true story of how Gayatri Mantra came to a girl's rescue.

2mo ago

The Unsung Heroine.

The name of our poor, hardworking maid was ironic: Jeevaben, the one who is...

2mo ago


The cosmic connection between the mother and the son.

2mo ago

The Painful Earlobes

How regular sadhana made me more sensitive.