Madhumita's writings

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A Lesson Learned!

Something that made me a bit more kinder than always!

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The Business of Us

What have we been busy with?

Hope to Come Back to These!

My strength lies in my words for sure.

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The Lonely Station Story

Somethings always catch your attention!

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A song that stuck a chord with me.

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Why Not Tell Them You Love Them?

The power of three words

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Writing and Writer’s Block

Don't force yourself in it. All it will do is harm!

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Just Sit…

I wanted to put up one of my poems from a long time. Here...

The Comfortable Escape!

Netflix and chill but on the verge of what?

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Dear Future Me

A letter to my future self

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Dear Me from 4 Months Back,

This might sound typical but

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First Gear, First Option, First Priority

True feelings expressed

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A Story of BECOMING!

You never know who will come in your life and teach you the most...

Spend Time with WORTH It PEOPLE!

Not all respect us and not all are toxic!

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People Change and So Do YOU!

Every soul is not the same throughout.