A former porn addict, a Covid survivor and a piano enthusiast walk into os.me. And they share their intimate experiences to help us become better people. Oh! Also a rare video of Swamiji immortalizing Beethoven.

Welcome to our Weekly Wonderful Wednesday Writeups (easy on the alliteration, babe). Here are some great reads: 

Wisdom from Swamiji

Lessons from a Thief: Whatever it is that you do, do as if your life depends on it. Why settle for anything less than excellence? Swamiji offers invaluable lessons in seven points. A quick read, this. 

How to Be at Peace: Peace is a choice. But, is there a way to be at peace while living in the materialistic world? Yes. Swamiji shows the way in this insightful post. Give it a read, now!

Here are some great picks that'll inspire and bring you closer to a wonderful life tell a friend

8 Real Experiences

Yes, I was an Addict (Part 1): “The day my ruin started was like any other day” — begins this post about a young woman’s battle with pornography and masturbation addiction. The struggle is at many levels — a) it’s a taboo topic; 2) a woman addicted to porn & masturbation; 3) the shame and guilt. This post is a reminder to check if we are supporting or stifling our very own. 

God’s Favourite Child: Mayur Sharma had an epiphany during a cricketing session with the kids he is mentoring. The post by @mayur-sharma has answers to the question I know you have had. 

Come, Cry with Me: Devotional Crying —Until I read Swati’s piece, I didn’t know it was a thing! It’s very therapeutic. But there is a method to this mindful crying. Learn all about it, read  @swatig ‘s piece. Set yourself free.

The Other Side of Covid-19 as Discovered by Our Strange Family: Sanghamitra and her husband, Biswa (@biswan ), have been called to work from the office. The daycare facilities are still shut. What happens to their 8-year-old will move your heart and fill it with pride — all at the same time. A family’s account of strengthening through Covid and its consequences despite the odds stacked against them.

Paru Mami’s Dignity: This short story will take you back to Malgudi Days. Sundaram Venkatesh pens these powerfully evocative short stories about everyday life, underscoring the subtleties and teachings it contains. He is a gifted writer. Follow @vvs  to savour the innocence of our existence. Read, read. 

The Piano: Ritu took to the piano to stride through depression and the void that her mom’s death left. The journey turns into a mom-daughter bonding activity as her daughter joins in. It’s a perfect place to start if you are planning to take up a hobby. Oh! And @rituchatterjee also shares a rare video of Swamiji playing the piano in Goa.

When I Decided to Retire at 30: Wait, what! Kirtee is #goals. @kirtee decided to and did retire at 30. But when she told her family about it, everybody tried their best to dissuade her. Here’s how she tackled the Great Indian Family drama. More power to you, girl!

Postcards to a Traveller: Here’s something beautiful for your soul, a picture, a word. Nandita Basu (@That ) has chosen os.me to share her art that’ll appeal to your heart. It’s the best way to travel far and wide in these times.  

This is our first Wednesday rendezvous, I already have butterflies. I don’t know why… Perhaps, the newness of it. We are now meeting weekly on Wednesdays when I bring to you some great reads which will add value to your life and days. Going forward, I’ll also bring some opportunities to win free access to some of our most popular courses and even a chance to earn OS Karma points! 

Now, about winning access to our popular Creative Writing course absolutely free! Yes. I’m going to offer you a simple way to participate in our community activities and win prizes (hurray!) in our next round-up. Watch this space!

Covid Experiences and Suggestions 

I hope you are doing great and everyone around you is safe. These are tough times. I don’t know if there is anything that I can say to make it better for you. Our community has shared their suggestions and experiences intending to help, read the following to find your space. You are advised to consult an expert if you have any Covid symptoms. 

It’s Covid but it won’t break our spirit, says @kunallunawat as he shares some ways we can help people deal with the crisis. One of the best ways to help is through Blood Donation but keep a few things in mind, says our doctor @drhephzi .

Here is a post by Madhavi (@Mars ) How I Combated Covid at Home and the Mistakes I Committed where she shares her own experience and what helped her. When Will Covid End? asks @ShivaniOm, as she recovers from the microorganism that has brought the world to a halt. 

 And here is @rajeshkodukula who suggests Overcoming the Paradox of Covid 19 and Compassion go hand in hand. Ashram resident @divyamanoharan shares this pensive piece: COVID-19: Death, Devastation and Values in Life

There is hope. We will surely emerge a Wonderful New World from this pandemic, @evgeni points to the signs. If you are feeling low, get an instant boost through Kindness recommends @aparaj, (I totally stan it). A befitting Ode to Frontline Warriors by @Vedu is heartfelt. 

A former porn addict, a Covid survivor and a piano enthusiast walk into os.me tell a friend

It’s well past midnight and I better hit the sack. I have been meaning to follow advice doled out by @aashman on How to Wake Up Early, and Be Happy but tomorrow doesn’t look like my day! Overmorrow or the day after, neither. I am more like a person who has a message for Dear Morning People (read dear husband)… @PujaGupta for the win (just the post I needed to share with him 😛 ). 

BTW, I want you to know os.me is a platform where we celebrate writings in all languages: English, Hindi (check out @sadhvi’s retelling of the mythology) and even French, et cetera, eg., @sandeep-sibs’ On arrête jamais d’apprendre (between you and me, did not understand it but loved the romanticism of the French language. Later, realised he has written the same post in English, too. Wah! Wah! Wah! Kya baat hai). What matters is that you write dil se, and feel our love when we read it. 

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PPS: I am embarrassed to ask, really. Could you give me some tips to creatively engage kids through this WFH and summer vacation overlap? I’d be so grateful if you could write some posts and drop the links in the comment section. OR just drop a few tips for me as comments. It could be about how you engage your kids, kids of others, or when you were kids. How we played hopscotch, watched Duck Tales… oh! The nostalgia… even nostalgia would be a great distraction for me at this point, truth be told. Please feel free to inundate os.me (or the comment section below) with your posts and tips. TIA!