Kirtee's writings

Sun Above the Clouds

Going beyond darkness to see the light

A Precious Little Gift

Happy birthday to me

Love You Swamiji

Do you live inside me or do I live inside you?


I know You are watching me Swamiji and Your silence is killing me

Chapter 3 : Kanha is Born

A new world for Niru to indulge in

Chapter 2: The Little Friend

Niru finds someone to play with and stay by her side forever

The Peepal Tree

A cycle of birth and death under its holy shade

Who is Smarter? You or Your Phone.

Take this simple challenge to find out

The Colour of Love

What do you think it is? Or is it colourless?

I am Waiting for You

In the middle of the night

In Silence

The lily longs for the moon

Fill Yourself with Love

After all, isn't it the only emotion worth living for?

Make Me a Balloon

Filled with love and bursting with bliss

Purnima : A real-life story

My attempts to bring a ray of light into her world of darkness

When I Decided to Retire at 30…

The toughest battle was the resistance from family rather than financial management

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