You are an ART within yourself

A poem on self-love and finding inspiration from your own self.

Right Now – A Divine Longing

A poem on moments of longing for the divine

The Art of Writing Poetry – A Healing Therapy

This blog post is about my eternal love affair with poetry and how it has helped me in healing.

Poetic Evenings With Baba

On baba, his poems and our bond

Swayam Bhagavati

A poem eulogizing the divine mother

Conscience – Our Divine Mother

A snippet and poem on Conscience - Our Divine Mother

Maa, Today was a Bad Day

An epistle poem on faith, love and surrender

Dear Maa – An Epistle Poem

A Letter in The Form of Poetry to The Divine Mother Shree Shree Maa Anandamayee

The Ballad of Divine Rage

An emotional ballad of divine rage v/s divine love

WHO AM I? – An Audio Poetry

An audio poetry written and recited by me titled 'Who Am I'

Letter to the Divine Mother

An unposted letter to the divine blissful mother - Shri Maa Anandamayi

A Letter To Sadhvi Vrinda Om

A letter to Sadhvi Vrinda Om - Author of "A Prayer That Never Fails"

To Your Eternal Hide

Longing to rest on the divine lap

Downpour of Divinity

Drops of divinity falling on my skin

I want to be a devotee

I want to be a devotee dipped in your love