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A Poem on Sadhvi Vrinda Om’s Poems

This poem is a short prayer of gratitude and appreciation for Sadhvi Vrinda Om's...

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Phrases into a Lovely Verse

She will transform your phrases into a lovely verse.

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Devi Calling

Devi's calling from within

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At Your Corridor

I stand at Your corridor, O Holy Mother!

  Posted 2y ago

Pandemic, Anxiety and Cooking #TheWriteChoice

Pandemic, anxiety and cooking #TheWriteChoice

  Posted 2y ago

There’s a Fire Burning Inside Me #TheWriteChoice

There's a fire of love for the divine burning within each one of us....

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What is That Bond? #TheWriteChoice

What is that bond? #TheWriteChoice

  Posted 2y ago

What is a Poem? #TheWriteChoice

What is a Poem? #TheWriteChoice

  Posted 2y ago

There’s No One Like You

Dear dear Maa, there's no one like You #TheWriteChoice

  Posted 2y ago

Her Fragrance Overpowers Me

Her fragrance overpowers me and Her gaze melts me

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The Jar of My Mind

Holes of limitation in the jar of my mind

  Posted 2y ago

A Special Gratitude to Om Swami Ji...

A gratitude post for Swami ji and to my lovely os community

  Posted 2y ago

I Lose You

This poem is based on the theme of losing the divine every time due...

  Posted 2y ago

Khichdi of Love

One pot meal cooked in heart for Maa

  Posted 2y ago

You Paint My Eyes Ochre

I like the way you paint my eyes ochre and sparkle my heart with...