2y ago

Happy Birthday to You Dearest Swamiji

Complete Surrender at your feet - rededicating this soul to you

3y ago

Life Lessons from Sun God

A spiritual analysis by a physics enthusiast

3y ago

I Also Want to Write Something –...

Diwali - A search of Darkness Within and Self Realization

3y ago

The Essay in Hindi Which Got Me...

May Be it will help the young guys in some manner, nothing spiritual about...

3y ago

I Want to Write Something

Social Distancing is good for COVID Protection, but not good in Spiritual Growth 😊

3y ago

A Fascinating Way of Celebrating My 10th...

Do you want to know, where we went to celebrate my first double digit...

3y ago

When Birds Complained In My Dream

The action I took and the amazing follow through I witnessed

3y ago

Sorry Pintu, Please Forgive Us

We Failed to Recognize That You Are A Special Child

3y ago

Is Sun Really God? What Do You...

The perspective of a Physics enthusiast from spiritual angle