Satish's writings

Samskara, Vasanas, Vritti And The Rational Mind

Understanding the patterns of mind, cause and effect chain

The Story Of Fear, Frustration, Depression, Reason...

What is the link between fear, frustration, depression, reason and imagination?

  Posted in 2mo ago

GOOD and BAD Ambition

A perspective on whether being ambitious is good or bad

  Posted 3mo ago

The Diminished EGO

Everyone says "destroy the ego" and it does not happen. How about diminishing the...

A Problem and a Reason

Some rudimentary thoughts on what drives the individual actions

TEN Differentiates – What Meditation Is and...

An attempt to differentiate between what mediation is and what it is NOT

When is Suffering Good for Us?

What is the need for suffering- An explanation

  Posted 10mo ago

Irrational Behaviour by Otherwise Normal Human Beings

Are we capable of logical decision making at all times or are we internally...

Control and Freedom

#TheWriteChoice - who is truly controlling and who hold maximum power ?

Allergic To Meditation

#TheWriteChoice - Can someone be allergic to meditation?? If yes, is a cure possible??

Tuning To Signs From The Universe

#TheWriteChoice - A Theory on why are we not able to see the universal...

Yoga and Genesis of Positive Change and...

#TheWriteChoice A Scientific study of yoga's effect

  Posted 12mo ago

What Ails Us – The Problem of...

#TheWriteChoice - Can corporate solutions work for Individuals? Let's find out

“Dharti Per Bhoj” – The Excess Weight...

"Purnam Adah Purnam Idam " Even during our weakest moment, everything is perfect and...