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A Problem and a Reason

Some rudimentary thoughts on what drives the individual actions

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TEN Differentiates – What Meditation Is and...

An attempt to differentiate between what mediation is and what it is NOT

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When is Suffering Good for Us?

What is the need for suffering- An explanation

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Irrational Behaviour by Otherwise Normal Human Beings

Are we capable of logical decision making at all times or are we internally...

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Control and Freedom

#TheWriteChoice - who is truly controlling and who hold maximum power ?

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Allergic To Meditation

#TheWriteChoice - Can someone be allergic to meditation?? If yes, is a cure possible??

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Tuning To Signs From The Universe

#TheWriteChoice - A Theory on why are we not able to see the universal...

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Yoga and Genesis of Positive Change and...

#TheWriteChoice A Scientific study of yoga's effect

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What Ails Us – The Problem of...

#TheWriteChoice - Can corporate solutions work for Individuals? Let's find out

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“Dharti Per Bhoj” – The Excess Weight...

"Purnam Adah Purnam Idam " Even during our weakest moment, everything is perfect and...

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Suppression and Tapasya – An Inquiry

Should we flow with life currents or should we resist it? Can suppression of...

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The Immature

A timeline perspective on maturity gained

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Alexa And The Human Mind Connection

"Alexa -play something dark"... Automation sounds fun but is it really new?? Maybe we...

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The Disconnect – Personal Space, Love and...

A theory on the link between our need for personal space, our tendency to...

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Thought for the Day

I Think, me think too much

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