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My mom had lost her mother during post graduation and Maju when she was...

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Passport Size Photo Graph and Meditation Posture

Back straight,tounge touching pallet ,a gentle smile on you face

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Timinic Terror

How did he drink it? How much was in it? How did he open...

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Three Hundred Rupees

She sent me Cashew nuts as Diwali gift and said its from Gareeb quota.

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The 2 Sleepless Nights of My Life

She is piercing her nails in my arms said my daughter!

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Do U Need a Mud Pack Too?

I m so impure,I don't do japp,I can't concentrate in meditation, Does Swamiji love...

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Firm to Discipline

When i asked him where is the missing ration he smirked.

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Family and Relay Race

Each member has his own Forte,lets celebrate it!

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When a Parent Gets Lost What to...

The class mates mom was stammering to tell me about her father

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What Nourishes Your Soul and Bears Your...

From Rozas of Muslims to Chhabeel of Sikhs every thing revolves around Rooh afza

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The Explanation of Having a Daughter

Either you should have a son or no child said my women right fighting...

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Divine S Child

When the Doctor asked who s child is this ,I hugged Neeraj and said...

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The Divine Child

He smiled when I caressed his forehead in Coma

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The Only Truth

He hears each song we sing for him and hears each complain we adress...

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Burning Questions

Does he resemble your husband or mine?

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