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God Himself Came Walking to My Home...

He wanted to help and he knew how

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Dil Ye Kahe Happy Birthday to You

I held u tight as a baby in my arms and u looked at...

  Posted in 1w ago

They Force Us to Cheat

What happens if you are disabled ( specially abled)

  Posted in 2w ago

Are U Mindful in Black Friday Sale?

With greed of 5 branded pieces at 70% off who but won't get crazy?

  Posted 2w ago

Are U Successful?

R u a professional? Do u own a property? Are you eating protein rich...

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Guilt of Normaly Delivering a Child Without...

Such an easy painless delivery? Is something wrong with my pregnancy?

  Posted in 2w ago

Humko Mall Road Jaana Mangta!

Angrez have gone but given us their mannerisms!

  Posted in 2w ago

Initiation a Key to Any Problem

You stay high in Samadhee like bliss... Swamiji has touched u!

  Posted in 3w ago

When a Mother Abonds Her Daughter

Her drunkard father is dead mother abandoned her and she has no place to...

  Posted in 3w ago

When I Invented My Long Lost Cousin

How can one steal from their own home?

  Posted in 3w ago

Party ,music ,Food….next Morning Working Day!

The desicion to work at half capacity in school or home study.

  Posted in 4w ago

Being Disciple of a Tantrik

I m scared that u can give balee of our kids.. panicked my husband

  Posted 4w ago

Ustaad Se Ustaadee

I tried to be Smart with God, but was caught!

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When the Little Lakshmi of Your House...

This would be first Diwali since u were born that we ll physicaly not...

  Posted 2mo ago

When They Eat Your Food

Till the time you come back from ordering and getting food your family finishes...