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Why do we have babies?

With never ever lifting a baby for more than 5 minutes how did I...

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Do U Teach and Preach but Yourself...

Did you as a child when ever opportunity knocked dint prefer eating Chatpataaa and...

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Shaam Salona hei

Vo hei albela Madd naino wala...uski deewani Brij ki har Bala!

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A Novice S Sadhna

With the most passionate thing in life being sleeping, eating delicious and talking how...

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6 Fool Ek Maaalin

With 6 different sized ,aged natured and habits women under same kitchen roof what...

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A Painful Love Tale

Ajay survived a fatal accident with a truck after 6 months hospital stay and...

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When you are friends with Schools most...

Samosas ,coke ,rakhi cards and chocolates were regular bribes received for conveying their message...

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Eggs Kadi

She was a J.C.c ( Jhola chhaap chef)

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Happy Happy Hema Chain!

Grilled cheese sandwich with chocolate pastry and a favorite book.!

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Are You an Online Shopping Addict Too?

With Black Friday, Amazon prime day to Freedom sale greed ,distractions and hunger Raktbeej...

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Why Do You Keep Karwaa Chauth Fast?

Does our staying without food and water add heart beats to our husband by...

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Compassion for Codevotee or Confusion of Him...

He cried that he met an accident ,his brother deceived him and his business...

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When Mother in Law Doesn’t Fry and...

What can be a power control u live under when basic food you eat...

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Swamiji Fastens Vaccination

With ashram gates opening after 1.7 years covid vaccination are flooded with devotees

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Does he know I exist

Has he forgotten me? Why do i not feel his presence?

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