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Being an introvert and shy person I avoided talking to strangers# WritewithOsme

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Meeting the man of my Dreams

My heart skipped a beat

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Mere Samne waali Khirki

Vo Khirki jo band rehtee hei

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Swami ji s stories monk caught red...

To do kindness he made her cross the road even when she dint want...

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When your parents are poles apart

Weather to please Dad or follow's so confusing!

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Sadhna of a House Holder

During that time only mom,tenant, husband and guard want to talk to me.

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I Lick Stone After Each Meal

Who eats stones in your family determines there authority and power.

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Do Grumpy family members make u Grumpy?

You are wicked i said just to realise how wicked i was

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Do U Love Me?

Prove that you love me.

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I m trying to be stone hearted

For the apple of my eye my heart cried giving an apple

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The Bliss of Being Naive

We must make her taste the forbidden fruit said my freinds!

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Maid S Cup

In our house too for years there were utensil for workers separate

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What if U Inherited Ignorant Parents

Parents are a pillar of strength and character to follow,but what if they are...

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Did You Press the Like Button ?

Only using our index finger for a nano second may increase their confidence.

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U May Call Me CRAZY

My smiling at each stranger during walk makes them curious !

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