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It’s Valentines Day

Each Valentine day I use to wait may be someone finds me pretty ,cute...

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How I Slept in My First Satsang

I could understand nothing and found it so much beyond my intellect

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Swamiji what can a tiny particle of dust may say to U?...I understand your...

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Why Am I Bad?

When she asked me to stand out of the class I showed her my...

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Un Logo Ko Laaao

Being an only child that too daughter after loosing my father the big question...

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Do U Eat Cake on Tuesday?

With different category vegetarian in our country the question of eating cake on Tuesday...

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As I moved out of the Doctor clinic my child hood doctor Uncle gave...

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Ghatoth Katchh Kaha Hei?

The Orrange robe clad sadhu asked my mom Vo Mota taaza pathaani suit waala...

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Most Thoughtful Gift

As soon as he saw me enter the compound he almost ran smiling but...

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When the Only Topic U Converse Is...

A furious Sarita almost threatened me to mind my own business!

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Scary Post Card

Send this message to 10 people or Devi Maa will get angry

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My Love Story with Black Lotus

Can you see the Lotus blooming in the Jyot?

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Tera Tujhko Arpan …kyaaa Laage Mera?

Swamiji bjaaaei jaawat damarooo!

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Petrolpump Owners Daughter and 3 Factory Owners...

She has brown eye ,golden hair and milky red complexion

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How Tough to Laugh and Love?

In middle of an angry outburst his only way to further proceed is my...

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