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Are You a Punjabi?

Mei weee PATTINDE rayaa haa

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Swami or Swamiji

When Sri hari is not Sri hari jee then does respect and devotion lie...

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More Indian Are N.r.i S

Both the sisters married boys from Punjab villages not even seeing them

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Graceful ,Beautiful and Elegant

Like we get bored with home food and eat south indian ,Chinese or continental...

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Potaoe Sandwich Swamiji and Mindfulness

Be the best version of your self and overcome your Vrittis

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Failed Suceessful Father

Pappu was hit constantly from market to house on demanding a cricket ball!

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She Cleaned Soiled Diapers of Her Scoundrel...

The Day Madhu arrived at her newly wed home she was inn for a...

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Adultery, Cheating ,Disloyalty or Need fulfilment

Ñiti confided in me that she was not satisfied physically

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He used to bang his head hard...

Arti got married in a house 20 times financially better than her father

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Should She Have Divorced Her Drunkard Husband?

With no kids and a financially strong parental house Sheetal had no reason to...

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Did Your Grand Parents, Parents or You...

Did the couple know how to handle each other's physical ,emotional or financial needs?

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I Felt Shy to Say Myself if...

Being a housewife after being a working and earning woman I felt guilty to...

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Marrying a Non Ambitious and Lazy Man

Handsome ,caring and soft spoken was Lalit but he never wanted to work hard!

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The Courage to Speak Truth or the...

With a 2 months pleading I got a 9,000 rs smart phone and forgot...

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History of Cheating Too Repeats Itself

With school giving me a project to grow tomatoe plant from scratch I dint...

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