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Bhagwaan Ji Mujhe Maaf Karr Do ,aglee...

We rushed at sooper speed in our car to get her stitches at Doctor!

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Mote Ki Ghurchadeee

The cute white Mare decorated with Zari saddle looked like a bride itself

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Some one with name Stating with P dark in complexion has your belongings and...

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Has Your Family Ever Lost You?

For 15 minutes i kept praying to hanumanji in my pink frills frock facing...

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Are U in Hum Saath Sath Hein...

Hum aapke ghar mei rehte hein to We are a family a place on...

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Are U a Science Student?

Every repair of remote to electrical switch can be done by u ...after all...

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Lunch Break Aur Canteen Take

With almost alll class boys my freinds and their crushes in my protection Canteen...

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Forced Pet

She was my pet for half an hour and showered it's surrender and unconditional...

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Tele Tubbies Say Bye Bye

Are these robots or animated characters or people wearing costumes?

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Yes I M a Gymmer Too

There are some who go to excercise their body and others to make their...

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Everything Which Gives Pleasure in Life is...

Crisp,puffy ,mouth watering Angelic food...

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Lights Camera Action

My first and only bolywood movie behind the shooting scene experience

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What if We Laughed when We Coughed...

Little babies would have coughed seeing cartoonsand in t.b. hospital would be full of...

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Rote Rote Hansna Seekho, Hanste Hanste Rona

Please all check how many times did u use this in last one week...

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When Bricks and Brick Play Music

Is your courtyard slanting and you can't dance?

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