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Why Do You Keep Karwaa Chauth Fast?

Does our staying without food and water add heart beats to our husband by...

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Compassion for Codevotee or Confusion of Him...

He cried that he met an accident ,his brother deceived him and his business...

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When Mother in Law Doesn’t Fry and...

What can be a power control u live under when basic food you eat...

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Swamiji Fastens Vaccination

With ashram gates opening after 1.7 years covid vaccination are flooded with devotees

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Does he know I exist

Has he forgotten me? Why do i not feel his presence?

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Strictly for Married Women

If you are not a female or married kindly don't waste your time on...

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Fears I Was Caged Inn

I used to get up at 1 am climb a ladder to clean fans...

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It measures how much patience, persistent and mindfulness you have.

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Are You a Punjabi?

Mei weee PATTINDE rayaa haa

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Swami or Swamiji

When Sri hari is not Sri hari jee then does respect and devotion lie...

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More Indian Are N.r.i S

Both the sisters married boys from Punjab villages not even seeing them

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Graceful ,Beautiful and Elegant

Like we get bored with home food and eat south indian ,Chinese or continental...

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Potaoe Sandwich Swamiji and Mindfulness

Be the best version of your self and overcome your Vrittis

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Failed Suceessful Father

Pappu was hit constantly from market to house on demanding a cricket ball!

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She Cleaned Soiled Diapers of Her Scoundrel...

The Day Madhu arrived at her newly wed home she was inn for a...

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