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My Love Story with Black Lotus

Can you see the Lotus blooming in the Jyot?

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Tera Tujhko Arpan …kyaaa Laage Mera?

Swamiji bjaaaei jaawat damarooo!

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Petrolpump Owners Daughter and 3 Factory Owners...

She has brown eye ,golden hair and milky red complexion

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How Tough to Laugh and Love?

In middle of an angry outburst his only way to further proceed is my...

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The best bahoo award goes to our Sanghamitra!

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Too Meet Spiderman I Had to Become...

I rushed running @ 5 km an hour to jump in an auto

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He Serves Divine Mother Selflessly

With a poor old mother loosing eye vision Zareef was worried!

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When My Kids Rejoiced That Their Grand...

Did they eat green vegetables over French fries was a lie both kids and...

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When the Culprit is Your Father Figgure

I dint know how to councell ,console or explain my Chaachi her fault for...

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Raajsik Sangat

In empathising and sympathizing they boosted my Ego

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Happy Double Om

It's your and my heart sings laaa laaa laaa laaa

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Swamiji Ki Party Ho Jaaye

Halwaa ,Kheer, Gulab jamun aur cake let the pudding also bake

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Why do we have babies?

With never ever lifting a baby for more than 5 minutes how did I...

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Do U Teach and Preach but Yourself...

Did you as a child when ever opportunity knocked dint prefer eating Chatpataaa and...

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Shaam Salona hei

Vo hei albela Madd naino wala...uski deewani Brij ki har Bala!

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