Narender's writings

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Enlightening Shadows

Negativity and suffering is only a shadow of ignorance

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Stop Abusing Your Energies

Do you ever wonder what you give your energies to..

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The Dove and the Dogs

The mind is a miracle...

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Knowing What It Means to Have Fully...

Towards The True Development

The Taste of Life

Have you ever wondered what life feels like?

This Moment..yes This One

Catch up with this moment and see the divinity

The Kalpavriksha

Exploring a state of mind beyond doubts

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Walking Alone on the Path

The earlier one begins to walk alone the path, the sooner one gets closer...

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The Seed

Life is Eternal. Death is just a Myth!

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A Life Across Love

Life is about humility and compassion; love is just a survival strategy.

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Don’t Be in the Binaries

Life is beautiful but you need to have the eye to see

  Posted 2y ago

‘Time’: The Paradox To Meditate On

Time is ordinary but still beyond human understanding...Let's look into the Paradox

  Posted 2y ago

The Brighter Side of Ego

It is impossible to make a sense of the existence in all of its...

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Discovering the ‘No Ego’

See how deep rooted is ego within oneself

  Posted 2y ago

Going Beyond The Logic

To make a sense of the totality of existence one has to go beyond...