oma's writings

11mo ago

A room without books is like a...

knowledge and wisdom, goes hand in hand.

1 year ago

The Crow

Fly high in these vast oceans.

1 year ago

Shooting star

When it ends.

1 year ago

False hopes.

better to have a sour heart. then to have sinful hands.

1 year ago


A place different every day.

1 year ago

The letter

You are beautiful.

1 year ago

Rock , Paper and Scissors.

As each moves and afford can changes someone life forever.

1 year ago

Dear Dragonfly.

Because you are the dragon and you can fly.

1 year ago

The Dinosaur…

Are we behaving like dinosaurs…???

2y ago

Meet You,

Not those cold eyes.

2y ago

The blank page.

Let some pages be clean.

2y ago

The Void.

Submision to omni.