4mo ago


A world with in.

4mo ago


Line of faith.

6mo ago

The Rudraksha.

A Gem 💎.

7mo ago


A reality or an utopia.

8mo ago

The Autumn.

I love autumn. It's beautiful.

9mo ago


Life is short

9mo ago

The Speaking Tree

Tales from the vedic era

9mo ago


Change have the potential ; to make you or break you.

10mo ago


Get healed and be healed

9mo ago

The Morning

It is a good morning

12mo ago

The Night

Just for today, let's talk about the stars

12mo ago

The Dasas

Enemy or a servent?

12mo ago

Sahir Ludhhanvi

“ Dekha hai zindgi ko itne kareeb se Chehre tamaam lagne lage hai ajiib...

1 year ago

The Yamuna

The Sacred river and A Goddess