The Deaf Composer

2020 marks 250 years of Ludwig Van Beethoven's composing legacy, steadfast against his hearing loss.

An Essay on Clever Consciousness

Throughout human history, we have established a superiority complex amongst other species in terms of intelligence and emotion. This essay transforms that idea with the orangutang as its idol.

Modern Vices 3: Health Care

Coronavirus has taken the world by storm, and the health care industry is facing its worst.

Holodomer and the Censorship of Truth

The Ukrainian Genocide of 1933 stands as one of the predominant violations of truth and justice in the twentieth-century, and it's not even included as part of a school curriculum.

Modern Vices 2: The Cobra Effect

A strange anecdote now transformed to a fundamental economic theory on demerit goods and problem solving.

Modern Vices 1: Loneliness

A series on the fundamental issues facing the youth today, such as business, mental health, and education.

The Stoic

Explore the virtues that make up one of the most prevalent philosophies on logic and ethics today. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

To Cross the Rubicon

The period that marked Julius Caesar's career as consul of Rome, leaving behind a lesson still relevant today.Image by Couleur from Pixabay

The Midwife

The empowering and bizarre yet true story of Agnodice, prohibited by law to study medicine.

I Think, therefore I Think Again

The historic siege of Constantinople, led by Sultan Mehmed II, was a monumental victory against the Roman Empire. His method, however, was audacious yet painfully obvious from the start.

A Few Genial Avenues

Struggling to cope with a chemistry final, Sankar Shetty receives unexpected guidance and unpredictable results.