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In Small Proportions

An unexpected solution to the plastic crisis lies in small proportions

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A Legacy of Lies

Chernobyl is regarded as one of - if not the most - deadly nuclear...

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Claiming the African Throne

The African Campaign of the First World War is less eminent compared to Europe,...

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The Netflix Algorithm Deconstructed

The world's leading streaming services applies artificial intelligence for smart suggestions.

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Deepfake and Its Consequences

The innovative deepfake technology pioneers machine learning at the cost of harvested user data.

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Philosophy of the Debt Trap

What can be done about the pressing debt trap many find themselves in?

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The Spark doesn’t Mean a Soul’s Purpose

Pixar's recent Oscar-winning film provides valuable insight into the true meaning of life

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A Mother of All Trades

The bond between a mother and her child is an integral part in all...

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My Genial Avenue

Dedicated to Swamiji and his continuous support.

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We Are All Keynesians Now

The economic consequences of the Vietnam War almost shattered the US. It takes a...

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The Teflon President

From his success in 'Bedtime for Bonzo' to the most influential position as President...

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Measuring Free Speech in a Society

The humble beginnings of the Students for a Democratic Society sparked a cultural revolution...

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Lady Bird and Motherhood

Mothers are incredibly complex personalities, which only adds to their charm

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The Simpsons: A Timeless Masterpiece

The Simpsons stands as one of the greatest shows on TV, mainly for its...

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An Essay on the Logistics of Higher...

Since 1926, CollegeBoard's SAT monopoly has assisted students in the pursuit of higher education....

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