The Balance

The myth of Daedalus and Icarus and my perspective on confidence

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The 5 Ingredients to Fulfil a Dream

That wish that fuelled my youthful imagination is now being fulfilled

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Turning Negatives Into Positives

Insights from using a film camera

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Putting a Thread Through the Hole of a Needle

My struggle with time management in the past two weeks

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An endearing and engaging flow of both the worlds

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Why I Write and then Rewrite and then Write…

The joys and downfalls of writing and why I love it so

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How Not to Put in Miserly Effort

What is the source of our drive

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Life Hacks – I

Earning for your dreams v/s saving for your dreams

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Children and Parents

The job of the  parents is to bring their children to life. The children...

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A Durva with a Yellow Tinge

Who wants to eat something tasty- a Ganesh Chaturthi special

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Kab Tak

Will all be the same always

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Nose Pin with Prick

Abstract based on true events

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My Pregnancy

The reason I decided to have a baby

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