Being grateful is a profound emotion that carries the seed of emotional transformation. If you are grateful you become loving, blissful, peaceful, and calm automatically. Remaining calm or being at peace, to be able to love anyone and everyone are the natural outcomes of a grateful soul.

In a way, gratitude is not just about being thankful, it is about being gracefully thankful with tolerance, with acceptance, and contentment.

Give yourself the opportunity to deepen your practice, to be grateful in areas that you have not yet discovered,  these posts would help you introspect and reflect on your daily life.


Here's the insightful and profound legend of Patacara with a great message, the real...

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An Attitude of Happiness

Count your blessings and light the lamp of happiness in your heart. Let it...

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The Course of Grief

Grief has a life of its own. Like a river charts its own course,...

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The Seed of Divinity

The tree laden with fruits always bends down a bit. On the path of...

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Beautiful Life

What if there was no death and everyone immortal? Would life be better if...

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An Uncomfortable Pause

Is death a matter of choice? Does dying a certain way mean you will...

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Is Suffering Really Necessary?

The lamp of faith diffuses the darkness of suffering. You begin to see what's...

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When will My Bad Time End?

"Why does this always happen to me?" This is the most common question people...

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How to Be at Peace

In the big scheme of things no matter how much you have, it'll still...

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How to Make Someone Happy

Making someone happy is like lighting a candle. You don't lose a thing while...

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Gratitude is like the sticky date pudding with ice-cream. Warm so it heals, cold...

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The Value of Love

No one offered Love any place on their boats, except one. Who? Read the...

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A Meaningful Life

In a machine, the smallest gear is as indispensable as the biggest one. You...

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How do You Celebrate Life?

Why just an occasion, let's celebrate life. Your life is a celebration, you are...

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The Meaning of Surrender

Surrender is a form of acceptance and you can surrender like a kitten or...

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