Being grateful is a profound emotion that carries the seed of emotional transformation. If you are grateful you become loving, blissful, peaceful, and calm automatically. Remaining calm or being at peace, to be able to love anyone and everyone are the natural outcomes of a grateful soul.

In a way, gratitude is not just about being thankful, it is about being gracefully thankful with tolerance, with acceptance, and contentment.

Give yourself the opportunity to deepen your practice, to be grateful in areas that you have not yet discovered,  these posts would help you introspect and reflect on your daily life.

The Divine is Protecting Us

A recent experience of grace

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Recent experience of falling sick

My special talent of attracting the wrong things in life

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Here's how to practice this secret to happiness and contentment

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A Precious Little Gift

Happy birthday to me

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Winning By Default

The bullies stopped me right then and they wouldn’t let me pass. I feared...

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The Ways of Swami Ji

His ways are unique, His protection is priceless

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Thanks a lot, Dear Chandrika Shubham Saini Ji.

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Terrible Creatures!

A rat-free world is even possible?

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My Guru in Work Life – Azim Premji

On occasion of Guru Purnima, I am sharing my learnings from the first guru...

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A Glow Worm and a Cuckoo Bird.

My torchbearer in the dark life...

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My Reading List

Giveaway of my favorite book on Chole Bhature Day! :)

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For course corrections of the journey...

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