My Near Death Experience

The bridge for a new life.

10 Years On – Om Swami’s Blog

Discover Your Own Truth- Let's celebrate this beautiful gift Swami gave the world:)

Where is the Problem?

Huge gap between teacher and students!

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Colours of Pride

More than just the body

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Bride Without Bedroom

A multipurpose room assessiblbe to all family at all times with no latch!

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How Cars Keep You Poor? #TheWriteChoice

An article close to my heart. Seeing my finances on paper makes things more...

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Mind Talks

A Friendly Calling Initiative

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In Various Flavors #TheWriteChoice

To My Dear Female Companions – A Heart to Heart Talk

Some inspiration and some tea time chat

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How This Guy Cleaned a Lake Alone!!

Most inspiring story of a hidden gem.


The Main Obstacle

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Why is the Finest Place

To learn, Grow and Earn

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बूढ़ी काकी

एक कहानी

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Drama World – A Beautiful Virtual Reality

An ideal location to go on a vacation

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The Art of Behaving

Treat Everyone The Way You Want Others To Treat You. 

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