These selection of posts give you insight into “Compassion”  – a deeply rooted and powerful emotion that can transform your life. Go in deep contemplation to make the most out of this emotion. Some questions for you to ponder over:

  1. As parents, there is such a thin line that needs to be maintained. How do you stay compassionate to your child without being overprotective? If you are going to be overprotective, it’ll take them much longer to be independent — emotionally and otherwise.
  2. Compassion is an unreasonable emotion. Who is deserving of your compassion? Should you still exercise it even when the other person doesn’t really care about it?
  3. When we are compassionate or forgiving only some of the time, it means we are doing so at our convenience, it means we still think that there’s a choice more reasonable than compassion. True compassion is not based on the cause or the action, it is simply a virtue, a response, an emotion, a feeling, we choose over any other.
  4. Why being compassionate is important? – Almost in all walks of life, if your inner strength, your focus, your efforts can outlive the adversities, you can succeed at pretty much anything you set your mind to. A compassionate heart leads to greater mental strength. It may sound paradoxical but compassion and tenacity are directly proportional to each other.

Read the pearls of wisdom on compassion. Understand yourself at a deeper level. Lastly, here is a beautiful video by Joan Halifax on compassion.

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Some tips to make the most of

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The Link between Kindness and Meditation.

Could there be a link between RAKs and Meditation?

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Divine S Child

When the Doctor asked who s child is this ,I hugged Neeraj and said...

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An appreciation post for my Guru

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What is the meaning of this mantra?

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When Lord Arrived on the Earth

A Small Tribute to Swamiji on his birthday

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A Drop’s Journey and Ours.

Is it just a drop? Is it just a sip? Is it just food?

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