The Only Truth

He hears each song we sing for him and hears each complain we adress...

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The Wiles of the Feminine

How (not) to attract the opposite sex

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I Am His Meera Maa

On his first salary day he din't forget to buy me ear pods so...

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Snooty Sister, Mewad Prem Kulfi and Vicks Steam

Have you informed your parents you are spending night at our house?

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A Marriage Story

The good, the bad and the good-looking :)

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The Stranger in the Cold

When I saw the face of God in the most unexpected way

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A Post on Faith

The reason(s) why He is an ocean of compassion!

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Exploring Yourself

Knowing yourself is not enough when you are exploring yourself

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An appreciation post for my Guru

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A tribute to Swami

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My Small Gift To You!

A Letter to Om Swami

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My Dream Girlfriend

Is she the right one?

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Love You Swamiji

Do you live inside me or do I live inside you?

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When Lord Arrived on the Earth

A Small Tribute to Swamiji on his birthday

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