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Learn about the small things in your daily life that matter when you are on the path of meditation. Some of the popular posts on meditation.

  1. The first step in meditation What is the first step for a meditator or a householder on the path of spirituality or self-realization?
  2. Six principles of Meditation Tilopa gave six short and profound instructions on meditation to his chief disciple. Every meditator should know them.
  3. Gates of Shambhala The truth is, all sadhanas, whether that be kundalini, tantra, mantra, meditation, or any other, are designed so I fall in love with life. That’s the whole idea.
  4. The Art of Attention Meditation slows you down, mindfulness elevates your consciousness, spirituality makes you more conscientious but in spite of all that, unwarranted thoughts seem to have the master key. You can lock your room however much you like, one tap of the card and they are in. These uninvited guests get drunk, loiter about till late and leave your room in a mess.
  5. Laziness in Meditation The moment you realize you are losing the sharpness of your meditation, you need to exert, mentally that is. You must refresh your concentration. You need to remind yourself to focus. If your laziness has resulted from physical exhaustion, you need to stop meditating.
  6. Side-effects of Meditation The slumbering consciousness that has been so on account of the karmic impressions of numerous lifetimes awakens like a tsunami, washing away everything that comes in its path. All that’s undesirable (and the desirable too) gets wiped away giving you a clean slate. It’s an experience like no other. And, it’s yours for the taking.

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