A Letter to Swamiji

You are magic!

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Acceptance: A Slo-Mo Write-Up

Lessons on peace from a leaf in pieces after a night’s shower.

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A simple solution

Life is like a drive on mountain roads- Thrilling!

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Bloom Where Planted

A day from my diary...

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Thought for Food

When it comes to food, there are many types. Lets see how many do...

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Art of Giving

Some time back, I wrote about Give and Take. Today, I take a whole...

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चीटीं का भविष्य — स्वरचित कविता #3

लक्ष्य व भविष्य अस्तित्व के मूल में नहीं है, सभी कुछ सर्वथा वर्तमान है...

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Beauty of Red Rose

एक गुलाब प्यार का........ #TheWriteChoice

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Rest is the Key to Massive Productivity

In this age of restlessness we need time to just stare at the sky,...

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A Fistful of Life

Even a small creature can teach us to live our lives fully

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Who Will Take Care of the Cows if Not for the Milk? – Part 1

This one liner turned me back to vegetarianism from veganism

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Hello Jaan……. Mein hun KING KONG

Good soul always shines........ #TheWriteChoice

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Random Thoughts !

Some Of Passerby Thoughts

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Negative carbon

Reducing the carbon footprint

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Mein Aur Meri Dost

Guess who........ #TheWriteChoice

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