The Om Swami Way

Musings on the path shown by Him

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Come, Cry with Me for Lasting Peace and Bliss

Devotional crying — a spiritual practice

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The Link between Kindness and Meditation.

Could there be a link between RAKs and Meditation?

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Stillness — A Space Between the Breath

An ode to the divine who moves the breath

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Cajoling the mind is an art form; can donuts help?

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1 Minute Blog

11 Points to contemplate on

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My Ego Journal

Keeping track of my ego.

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The Explanation of Having a Daughter

Either you should have a son or no child said my women right fighting...

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A simple technique to practice mindfulness.

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The Power of Sankalpa (Vow) to Tame Your Mind (#OSME Brain Challenge)

Once you take a vow, you should protect it with all your might –...

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Scorecard for Life

How to know who can you trust

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Mindful Bathing

How about meditating while bathing?

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Meditation on Universe

My experiences in a meditation from Vigyan Bhairav.

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