Dry Bite

A concept I learnt in EVS that shifted my perspective

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1 Minute Blog

11 Points to contemplate on

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Some Book Recommendations

Exactly what the title says.

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Life Hacks for Yo’ Peace

Five tips to keep you on your tiptoes:)

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Jealously Happy

Genuinely Yearning

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Top 7 Benefits of a Good Vocabulary

Here is what I understood about having a good vocabulary

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Where is the Problem?

Huge gap between teacher and students!

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Finish the Story Game!

How much funda can you give?

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Digital Random Act of Kindness Ideas

We can do RAK from our fingertips

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Aliens #TheWriteChoice

Aliens doesn’t mean danger. It’s just from another world.

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Bride Without Bedroom

A multipurpose room assessiblbe to all family at all times with no latch!

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Struggles of Meditating. An Introspection

It is not as easy as closing the eyes. Try to Laugh!

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Writing or Fishing

Planning to write your first post? Some tips on writing, fishing and cooking...

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Can’t We Have?

A short poem - maybe idealistic thinking

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