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While I Was Away…

The truth behind glass walls

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My Dad

Dad, I miss you.

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Difference is good, life will be tasteless with the same

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Rakshabandhan — The Bond of Love

Sharing an experience that epitomizes this bond for me.

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WhatsApp Me, Mom

Mom and her new smart world

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मुझे पसंद है

समाज के साथ चलते हुए कभी ये नही भूलना की तुम भी एक इंसान...

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Armpit Wisdom

Lessons On Being Less Judgemental

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The Chaos and Confusions…

Dilemmas seem never-ending to those lost souls

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दूर मत ब्याहना बाबा!

जिससे खाया नहीं जाए मेरे भूखे रहने पर उसी से ब्याहना मुझे

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Snooty Sister, Mewad Prem Kulfi and Vicks Steam

Have you informed your parents you are spending night at our house?

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