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The Dynamite!

Even as she was semi-conscious, she wagged her tail and opened her eyes to...

Colour Blind

The girl in resplendent blue dress


निजी जीवन - एक मुश्किल वक़्त

Fervently Mentored

Honoring my upaguru on the anniversary of his passing

Avatar of john clark

Durga Saptashati: An Ode to Women Empowerement

Dedicated to empowered women all over the world

Avatar of niraj chandra


An endearing and engaging flow of both the worlds

Avatar of siddhika umesh

The Eyes

My six month old sleeping in my lap and the mother in me just...

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While I Was Away…

The truth behind glass walls

Avatar of rajesh kodukula

My Dad

Dad, I miss you.


Difference is good, life will be tasteless with the same

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Rakshabandhan — The Bond of Love

Sharing an experience that epitomizes this bond for me.

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