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Snooty Sister, Mewad Prem Kulfi and Vicks Steam

Have you informed your parents you are spending night at our house?

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Do U Need a Mud Pack Too?

I m so impure,I don't do japp,I can't concentrate in meditation, Does Swamiji love...

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A Marriage Story

The good, the bad and the good-looking :)

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Did We Encourage or Force Our Child for Engineering?

When she bitterly cried for now not pursuing engineering we thought she is tired...

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Covid-19: A Shining Light?

Did it shed light on our hidden problems?

Divine S Child

When the Doctor asked who s child is this ,I hugged Neeraj and said...

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Irreparable Dent

How parental interference affects the marriage of a child

My Guru in Work Life – Azim Premji

On occasion of Guru Purnima, I am sharing my learnings from the first guru...


निजी जीवन - एक मुश्किल वक़्त

And I Played the Cupid

Both devotees had asked Swamiji renunciation and told me they had no interest in...

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Grown and Flown

Saying goodbyes to your son when he leaves for college

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Confession of Daughter to Her Mother

But i never felt in that way, The way i am feeling now

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My Dream Girlfriend

Is she the right one?

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