The Om Swami Way

Musings on the path shown by Him

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Make the Most of It!

Some tips to make the most of

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Setting Myself Free, a Journey

My story of breaking the psychological chains, and the three tools that helped me

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That Buffet Feeling

Let's eat before time's up

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Do U Need a Mud Pack Too?

I m so impure,I don't do japp,I can't concentrate in meditation, Does Swamiji love...

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The Sparrow and The Ocean

Story of a tiny sparrow's determination

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The Most Important Lesson from My Sadhana

Always Listen to Swami - There are no Exceptions

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Spiritual Self-Evaluation

Where are you in your Spiritual Journey?

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Inner Calm = Outer Elegance?

Challenge: Does our inner calm show on the outside?

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Divine Spark!

Something happened inside that day #thewritechoice.

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HIS Grace

"I am the transcendental sound OM" Sri Krishna -BG ch10v25

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Kabirdasji and Tulsidasji

Some Great Verses on Warning.....

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It measures how much patience, persistent and mindfulness you have.

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Reading and Sharing

Few lessons from reading that I wanted to share. Less Judgement, more compassion

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The community is here to help you with your spiritual discovery & progress. Be kind & truthful! Some quick tips:

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