Be Proactive…

Take the Power of Decisions from Within.....

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Disease 🌼 a 🌼 Dis-ease

मौत से डर नहीं लगता बाबू मौशाय.... बीमारी से लगता है 😄

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The Meaningless – “Should Be” Expectation

Some learnings on managing expectations and a method

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Why We Must Actively Listen

We have two ears and one mouth so that we listen more and talk...

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....ENOUGH TO....

Time, Energy & Money

Be Wise With These Three Things

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what makes you remember

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Dreamzzz — Part 1

wonder what they mean........ #TheWriteChoice

Verbal Violence

Are you verbally violent? 

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Getting back on track!

A few productivity tips to set up your daily routine

Genuine love

What makes genuine love excellent

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Use the Gadgets more productive

Be Your Better version with amazing productive apps

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When you think you have to stop

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