Read posts on spiritual wisdom that would give insights into the big questions of life.  What is the boat that will help you cross over from turbulent emotions to an inner ocean of peace?  What’s the great spiritual quality one must possess? How do you accumulate spiritual wealth? It’s an incredible feeling when you can steer your life in the direction you deem fit. But, how to do it? Dwelve deeper through the stories and different perspectives to discover your truth.

Beware of Your Thoughts

They are seeds of your all actions and reactions

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The Spiritual Sherlock

"Your own death is something that happens to everybody else, your life is not...

No More Anger

Giving it up forever

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The Sound of Silence

What does silence sound like

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One change of attitude can bring out a drastic change in our lives.

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Spiritual Tests and Exams

How paper is set and how marks are distributed😊

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He is Still My Brother

Words of wisdom from my granddaughter

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Krishna : The Eternal Companion

How Krishna evolved with time in my life

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You and The World

The mysterious second character that drives our life

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