Stillness — A Space Between the Breath

An ode to the divine who moves the breath

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Effective Yoga Poses to Relieve Back Pain

Today's bad posture might lead to disease tomorrow. Here are some yoga tips to...

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Meet Your BREATH

Breath Series # 01

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Walking Alone on the Path

The earlier one begins to walk alone the path, the sooner one gets closer...

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Know Your BREATH

Breath Series # 02

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So, how is the mind now?

A still lake or the choppy ocean

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योग के नियम

अष्टांग योग के नियमों पर

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A Peaceful Mind

Allow a few minutes of silence to your mind every day, and see, how...

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Now, the Discipline of Yoga

path of handing over the helm of this kayak of life to the Supreme

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God’s advices

A collection of some intuitive revelations about existence

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A collection of some aphorisms about spiritual practices

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Living a spiritually healthy life through Yoga

An account of reasons for non-realization, and the approaches possible for realization

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Nirvana Shatakam – Verse 2

The Six Verses to Nirvana - Contemplate One Verse at a Time

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