KAVITA's writings

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In surrender…….No questions

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The beginning or the end,master knows.

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Initiation …….my Driving Force.

My purpose to reach my goal……INITIATION by my master.

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Karma…when Will You Leave Me

Till when will I pay for my karmas…when.enough my lord

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Faith is the Only Strength.

My personal experience of total surrender.

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Acceptance.leads to a Happy End.

Learnt that divine is in everyone.

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Surrender is the only key.

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From a Yes Person to Being Self...

Being self reliant gives you the power to believe in yourself and power of...

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Visualisation to Overcome Fears

Tools to overcome any negative thoughts a personal experience

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Mindfulness is the Key to a Complete...

I am going through a very tough relationship with my only son

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The Journey of a Fearful Soul

How divinity helped me get out of the darkness of depression and anxiety....