Nalin's Writings

लज्जा (Shame)

एक बदमाश लड़के की कहानी (The story of a naughty boy)

सफ़ेद ऊन (White Wool)

एक शब्दचित्र (A vignette)

God Speak To Me

Here is a poem expressing my emotions on surrendering to the Divine

Even if for a Moment Alone

A Prayer of Contentment

Feelings We All Feel

We all fail to feel we all feel these...

Portable Renunciation

A mindset to fit in our pockets and shopping bags

Dark Nalin!!

Defeating My Inner Darkness

Devi Bhagwatam

When millennials read Devi Bhagwatam

When the Aurora Borealis Obstructed My View...

Comparison and Comprehension of Beauty while sipping a cup of Chai.