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Goodbye and See You Again, Thich Nhat...

Kindly allow me to pay a (hopefully not a late) tribute for him.

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7 Surprising Ways Writing Can Enhance Your...

The benefit of writing is beyond the world of words.

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How to Use Your Time Wisely

We might already have more time than we know it

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The Best Chance to Practice Mindfulness

We might have more chance than we realize

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Miracle is Here and Now

We can always keep in touch with miracles

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Playing With Our Inner Child

When we're becoming an adult, doesn't mean we can't have a childlike-fun, right?

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What a Baby Boy Can Teach Us...

Turns out, it goes beyond the eating itself (and the story turned out to...

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How Meditation Has Change My Perspective on...

What would you do if you have only this day to live?

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How to Overcome The Itching Sensation While...

Turns out it's not that hard

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How to Stop Blaming Your Menstrual Cycle

Actually, there is nothing wrong with it

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Digital Random Act of Kindness Ideas

We can do RAK from our fingertips

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What Everybody Need to Know About Creativity

Creativity is not only for the artist!

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The Ultimate Way to Solve Our Problem

Sometimes, the answer is so simple!

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Facing Life and Death

What would you want to remember on your deathbed?

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How Meditation Heal My Depression – A...

When Swami ji doesn't judge us then why fear anything?

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