Ria's writings

1 year ago

Goodbye and See You Again, Thich Nhat...

Kindly allow me to pay a (hopefully not a late) tribute for him.

1 year ago

7 Surprising Ways Writing Can Enhance Your...

The benefit of writing is beyond the world of words.

1 year ago

How to Use Your Time Wisely

We might already have more time than we know it

1 year ago

The Best Chance to Practice Mindfulness

We might have more chance than we realize

1 year ago

Miracle is Here and Now

We can always keep in touch with miracles

1 year ago

Playing With Our Inner Child

When we're becoming an adult, doesn't mean we can't have a childlike-fun, right?

1 year ago

What a Baby Boy Can Teach Us...

Turns out, it goes beyond the eating itself (and the story turned out to...

1 year ago

How Meditation Has Change My Perspective on...

What would you do if you have only this day to live?

1 year ago

How to Stop Blaming Your Menstrual Cycle

Actually, there is nothing wrong with it

2y ago

Facing Life and Death

What would you want to remember on your deathbed?