These are great support articles on anger management that will help you go deeper within to overcome anger issues. If you are taking therapy or working on yourself, these articles would compliment your efforts. They will help you contemplate and understand the triggers that stop you from being anger-free. Some articles to help you.

  1. How to be Calm Postpone your unkind actions and do the kind ones with a sense of urgency. The issue, perhaps, is not in understanding but in execution. That is, how do we ensure we remember this when we are mad with anger and all wisdom is heading south? Temptations, habits, urges and our automatic responses trigger forgetfulness. A fit of rage scares and flees the goodness out of us like a loud clap does to birds perched on a tree.
  2. When loss hurts The truth is that there is only one heaven where unimpeded bliss flows and that is our own mind. Like clothes cover our body, the sheaths of ego, anger and conditioning cloak the beauty and bliss we carry within.
  3. Shedding your Past The moment we accept our fault gracefully, we flush out of our system the emotions of anger (why did I have to be in that situation?) and guilt (why couldn’t I act differently?). No doubt that the incident may still remain etched on your mind for a long time, but its recollection does not wreck your peace anymore.
  4. Toxic Anger Allow me to help you differentiate between reactive anger and toxic anger. After all, would it not help if you knew whether your anger has mellowed down in your heart, or if it has just gone into hiding for the time being? How can you know whether an outburst was the end of your anger or if it was simply the tip of the iceberg? Read on.
  5. Stages of Anger Living in the material world, can anger ever be right? Possibly. Justified? Maybe. After all, we are adept at justifying everything we think, feel and do. Can anger be useful? Perhaps. The only thing to keep in mind is that anger is a costly emotion. It’s the most expensive social emotion. Anger is a response, the consequences of which will come back to bite you repeatedly, causing more anger in return.
  6. Bottled up Emotions Sometimes, shouting in anger can be relieving. It lets you release a lot of clogged up emotions and feelings. One fit of rage and a lot of unused stuff gets flushed out. But, when you shout in anger, it also pains the other person and certainly affects the quality of your relationship – adversely so.
  7. Freeing yourself from Anger This surge of anger stems from feelings of annoyance, often deep-rooted. All feelings have a seed which means you can go to the source and remove them forever.

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