Are you at the peak of your physical health but still feel lethargic and dull? Do you often feel anxious, sad or irritable for no apparent reason? Is there a void within you, a sense of incompleteness? If your answer is yes to any of the above, it may be time for you to take a look at your spiritual health.

What is spiritual health?

The spiritual health definition is simple – your inner state of wellness. When one is spiritually healthy, the mind and body are in perfect balance. You function at peak capacity, living your best physical and emotional life. Read more

Spiritual health examples include feelings of compassion, empathy, forgiveness, joy and love. In short, we move beyond ourselves and focus on the greater good. Selflessness becomes a natural trait and kindness, a state of being.

Why is spiritual health important?

Because it defines our state of mind. When the mind is in harmony, the whole word appears joyous and friendly. When the mind is thrown off-balance, we experience depression, heaviness in the body, lack of motivation and doomsday fears.

The following FAQs show you how to improve spiritual health by delving into the different facets that make up spiritual health. Your life and your health are in your hands.

Let’s make it count.

1. Why is spiritual health essential to a happy life?

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Unless we foster a spiritual outlook towards our own life and others’, we can’t really hope to rise above our petty thoughts and emotions. We place too much emphasis on self-comfort.

If it’s the fulfillment you seek, look past yourself. The more spiritual your perspective, the grander your life becomes. Forgiveness, selflessness, patience, compassion, and gratitude naturally flow unrestrained like Himalayan waterfalls in monsoons.

Be patient. Give before you take, give a lot more than you wish to take. Nature will reciprocate. It never fails.

One of the biggest ways to improve spiritual health? Developing a spiritual attitude.

And there are three core virtues that define a person’s spiritual attitude:

  1. Patience
  2. Selflessness
  3. Determination

Plus gratitude and surrender. Read more about A Spiritual Attitude through a beautiful short story on Buddha and Subhuti, his devoted disciple.

2. What is the biggest quality I must develop for my spiritual health?

If you were to ask me this question: what is the greatest spiritual quality one can have? Without a moment’s hesitation, I would say compassion.

Having said that, I don’t deny that sometimes you may have plausible reasons to put your own interests first than be compassionate. It is not easy to always exercise compassion, but, like any other virtue, this too can be learned, practiced and mastered.

Today, however, I wish to share with you another important quality. It is the seed of compassion. The greatest sages of all times, across all religions, possessed it. Even in the modern world, this forms the basis of all harmonious and everlasting interpersonal relationships.

Before I tell you what “it” is, allow me to share a famous short story.

Continue reading The Greatest Spiritual Quality. If you are looking for a spiritual health definition, look no further than this quality.

3. What habit will make me spiritually fit?

Charity is a deeply spiritual act. It is not just measured in monetary donations. Compassion too is charity as is empathy. When you help someone in any which way you can, you are exercising charity.

Interestingly, not surprisingly though, thesauri list the following synonyms for the word charity. Compassion, kindness, sympathy, kind-heartedness, graciousness, consideration, concern, tolerance, leniency. When you practice or feel any of these, you are exercising charity.

Charity is not an expense or a gift. It is your contribution to society and to your own spiritual health.

Every small gesture of compassion boosts your spiritual savings. Because, that’s what charity is: it’s your spiritual savings account.

When you need peace and inner strength, you draw from this account. It is where your good karma is recorded.

Your Spiritual Wealth is directly proportionate to your spiritual health.

4. Why is physical health essential for spiritual health?

Our body is a shrine. Yes, it’s transient, ever-deteriorating, but it’s also sacred. It deserves our attention and care. Everything beautiful within the five perceptions of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound, we experience through our body.

If you take care of your body by eating, exercising and sleeping well, it rewards you in every other sphere. Spiritual health is the reward for good physical health and vice versa.

Mostly I’m on top of my fitness, which in my view exists at three levels: emotional, physical and mental.

I’ve outlined my exercise and diet routine in Two Pillars of Top Health, along with my ten principles of physical health that I don’t violate, saving the rarest of rare circumstances.

5. What are the different dimensions of wellness?


In Ayurveda, as in yoga and tantra, the health of an individual is not just the state of his physical body but an aggregate of the body, senses, mind and soul.

More often than not, and certainly in adults, most physical disorders are the result of a repressed and bruised consciousness. Mental afflictions create diseases in the physical body and physical diseases, in turn, disturb the state of mind.

Just focusing on the physical health by way of better diet and exercise is only a fraction of the solution; your mental and emotional welfare is just as critical. How you respond to what life hurls at you impacts your health in the most significant manner.

The way you look at anything and the manner in which you accept or react are the two most important factors that determine your overall well being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

If you can change your perspective towards what you find disturbing, ninety percent of the job is done. The remaining ten percent is simply about body fitness.

Yogic wisdom helps you gain mental equilibrium and Ayurveda, physical wellbeing.

In The Wellness Sense, I outline this wisdom of Ayurvedic and yogic texts combined with the insights offered by modern medical science.

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