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The Need to Give is More Significant...

#TheWriteChoice: Let me introduce you to Pokar, commercial car driver and owner of a...

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Deficiency of Vitamin “S” & Vitamin “G”,...

#TheWriteChoice: Our struggles and agonies become worse when we have strong egos, non-flexibility to...

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Digital Parenting Vs Real-Life Heroes

#TheWriteChoice: I never anticipated this as a warning sign unless I met my client...

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The Lady in the Park

#TheWriteChoice: After she was gone, the brash kids were wishing “Namaste” and “Good Evening”...

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The Unburdening Experience

#TheWriteChoice: As a Coach, I have learnt that many a times, it’s not important...

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Creativity is De-Stressing and Rejuvenating

Intriguingly, you may have innumerable interests and hobbies, but you probably have only one...

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Behind the O2 Mask I wear…Trickled down...

The present wave of COVID-19 is taking many lives. Amidst all this, just imagine...

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It Was Another Party Day

The satire in this poem conveys a lot. If you’re married you’ll definitely understand.

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A Smile to Stay 🙂

This is an outpour of a simple emotion in the form of a short...

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The Catharsis

Allow me to share the learnings from a real case of one of my...

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The Divine Aroma

How desperately we want the divine riches without actually deserving any?

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That Night, O’ Buddha, I Was Awake

Many a times I wonder what Yashodhara must have thought the night Siddhartha (The...

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Explosive Garlic Cloves

A trigger and the dynamite in me exploded

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O Krishna, I Surrender

Like Draupadi's plight in the court of Duryodhana, many times I too feel ripped...

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